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Iran’s Fayazi Damnabi Purya penetrates the Kazakh defence with his exceptional spike.
Iran’s Fayazi Damnabi Purya penetrates the Kazakh defence with his exceptional spike.

[Daily updating] Day 3 Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship in Iran

Japan in superb form to power past Sri Lanka
Tehran, Iran, August 2, 2015 – A well-established Japan put it past fighting Sri Lanka in thrilling four sets 25-16 21-25 25-16 25-20 to finish second in Pool D and make it to the round of last eight teams in the 18th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship.
Yanagida Masahiro led Japan with 19 points including 17 kills and two ace serves, while Mihiran G.M.C  emerged as the top scorer of Sri Lanka after winning 18 points.

Iran storm past Chinese Taipei to top Pool A             

Tehran, Iran, August 2, 2015 – The team B of Iran handed Chinese Taipei a straight-set  25-16, 25-16, 25-19 loss to top Pool A as expected and will next take on Thailand on their first match of the last eight teams at Azadi 12000 Capacity Hall.

The head coach of Iran, Peyman Akbari: “We should not judge outside the picture. They put some of our players under pressure. As I said yesterday, it is so difficult to play against a quick team such as Chinese Taipei, so we had to trouble their reception, a goal which my players dealt with so well. I have seen the Chinese Taipei’s games before. They have a very good team and they are in harmony with each other, but they couldn’t do anything in front of us today because we were better in all aspects. Some people have never been in the national level but they asked me about the performance of our team. We respect any ideas but they must talk on the base of supporting the national team.”

About the fans: “I’m thankful to our fans who don’t leave us alone in this championship. I hope the arena gets full when we go further to the next rounds.”

The captain of Iran, Hamzeh Zarrini: “The more powerful rival we will play, the more aggressive we will be. I have been saying from the beginning of the tournament. The further we go, the better we get because the stronger teams make us more inspired to play better. This game was important because both teams were fighting for the first place in the round of last eight teams. If we underestimate the Eastern Asian teams, we are going to have a hard time playing with them. The Iranian B team has a lot of plans and strategies and are built to back up the main team, but they have been put under pressure these days. This team is under the supervisor of the Iranian men’s technical team and the federation and its goal is to suppress aid Iran national a volleyball team. It is not good to let anybody speak against the team in the media which makes the players lose their concentration.”

The head coach of Chinese Taipei: “My players made too many errors today but this is not the real power of our team. We will be better in upcoming matches. I wish Iran and Mr. Akbari a success.”

The captain of Chinese Taipei: “We missed out our good receiving today. On the other side, Iran was great on serves and blocks. Congratulations to Iran for having such a good team and a technical squad against us.”

    Qatar make it three in a row to top Pool B

Tehran, Iran, August 2, 2015 – In-form Qatar pulled out a dramatic four-set 25-14, 26-28, 25-13, 25-13 victory over Turkmenistan to make a clean sweep of three wins in Pool B to eventually top the pool.

In this match, Qatar, which already made the cut for the last eight teams following their straight two wins in Pool B, fielded .many substituted players in this match against Turkmenistan, the team which have yet won a match and have already been relegated to the 9th-16th playoffs.

Qatar’s coach, Juan Cichello: “We are capable of overcoming the champions of the Asia. We were able to defeat Japan if we were supposed to play against them tomorrow. We lost the third set due to some minor errors. However, we learned a lot from this third set for future matches. Fortunately, we got three points from this match and we next will go to the last eight teams as the Pool B winners. I know we are able to go up to the champions of Asia too.”

Head coach of Turkmenistan, Serdar Tachnazrokov: “This is all the capability of Turkmenistan in volleyball. We did what we were capable and this is our level of volleyball. Qatar is a good and experienced team and had already guaranteed their place in the last eight teams.

Captain of Turkmenistan, Gylychdurdyye: “This is the ultimate power of our team. Qatar played better than us. I expected not to be moving to the next round. We are planning for the next matches.”

Statistics :P-2 for match 18_ TKM-QAT

Thailand beat Oman in comeback five sets to book berth for last eight teams

Tehran, Iran, August 2, 2015 – Thailand produced a magnificent come-from-behind  25-27, 25-20, 20-25, 25-11, 15-10 victory over Oman to cruise their ways to the last eight teams of the 18th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championships.

Head coach of Thailand, Monchai Supajirakul: “I think, Oman have nothing to lose but they tried their best. My team came here directly from another tournament which had made them very exhausted. We will fare better if we have a little break and recovery. Competing against the Asia’s best volleyball team like Iran is, I think, an opportunity for us. They are the best team in Asia. We are going to enjoy playing against Iran which can make us improve.”

Captain of Thailand, Kittikun Sri-Utthawong: “Fatigue troubled us in ending the match in three sets. We have played two 5-set matches before which made us tired to be able to end this match in three sets. Congratulations to Oman, anyway. They played well against us. Although the outcome of the match didn’t matter for them, they fought with all their power.”

Head coach of Oman, AL Shizawi: “Congratulations to Thailand! All of their players are at a high level. They made very few technical mistakes and deserved the winner.”

Captain of Oman, Al Hamdani: “We played well against Thailand but we lost our touch and the match did not go as planned. Thailand is a very good team with good players and coaches.”

Statistics : P-2 for match 19_ THA-OMA

Kazakhstan taste first victory in Asian Sr Men’s Championship

Tehran, Iran, August 2, 2015 – Kazakhstan registered their first victory in the 18th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship by overcoming Kuwait in straight sets 25-17, 25-20, 25-18 to finish third place in Pool A with 3 points from one win against two losses and will next compete in the 9th-16th place playoffs.

Coach of Kazakhstan, Patrokov Andrey: “My team always played better in front of powerful rivals. However, I don’t think we played this match well as we did in the last two matches. Kuwait was an easy team but we couldn’t overcome them comfortably. I don’t know why my team played much better in front of big teams. I hope that my team will improve our form in the remaining games.”

Captain of Kazakhstan, Alexandar Stolnikov: “Today we were tired and didn’t play well, but hope that we can recover soon to get ready for next matches .”

Coach of Kuwait, Radovan Malevic: “My team’s form did not live up to my expectation. We made fewer mistakes than yesterday but I am still not satisfied with my players’ performance. Kazakhstan are very strong, especially their  good serves. We will next play Pakistan and Oman. Everything is possible, so we have to wait and see.”

Captain of Kuwait, Abdullah Mansour: “We did not play well in comparison with our previous matches. We should now ponder about what we really want and then take  action. Maybe the players can find themselves and come back to revive their fortunes. We have to try our best so that we can get rid of all problems we are facing.”

Statistics :P-2 for match 22_ KAZ-KUW

Korea thrash Pakistan in straight sets to advance to last eight teams

Tehran, Iran, August 2, 2015 – Korea brushed off Pakistan in comfortable straight sets 25-21 25-12 25-17 to top Pool C with eight points from straight three wins in the 18th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship.
Korea’s coach, Yonhkwon Moon: “We were supposed to focus on three elements which are reception, service, and defense. We did what we were supposed to do and managed to win. We played better and we won.
Korea’s captain, Youngmin Kwon: “The team with better performance must win the match. This is why we deserve.”
Head coach of Pakistan, Hassan Mazhar: “Korea played much better. Our libero performed so badly. We were also not good at our reception. Five of my players are young and inexperienced. In some matches, they are good but some times, they made too many mistakes. I am not hopeful that my team will join some other teams in the last eight teams. We are not stressed and we just need to have a good performance.

Australia advance to  last eight teams as second in Pool B

Tehran, Iran, August 2, 2015 – World No.13 Australia breezed past India in comfortable straight sets 25-19, 25-19, 25-16 to move to the last eight teams of the 18th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship at the Azadi Sport Complex on Sunday.

India’s coach, Venkatesan: “We will be ranked ninth in this championship. We are the best team among the classification teams and should clinch a better place in the next matches. Australia is an experienced team and my players are so young with less experience. Our potential is just better than other losing teams. I’m sure we will finish ninth in this tournament.”

India’s captain, Praba Garan: “We tried our best to win points from Australia. However,  we still lack experience. I wish my team performed much better in coming events.”

Australia’s coach Roberto Santilli: “Australia had reached their good level. I hope we will get better day after day from now. Today we saw a real competition. My players were great and played hard. Their level of volleyball is developed.”

On the mighty match against China: “Before the championship, we had played China. They have a young and good team. I think they are the best team of the tournament.”

Australia’s captain, Thomas Edgar: “It was an important match for us to move up to the next round. We were tired at the beginning of the competitions but we tried to get better one at a time and we are happy with this. We can emerge as the winners in the coming matches, learning from the past mistakes and experience.”

China outclass Bahrain to remain unbeaten

Tehran, Iran, August 2, 2015 – Powerful China challenged Bahrain in a breathtaking match to outclass Bahrain in straight sets 25-18, 25-23, 25-21. China top Pool D to advance to the last eight teams with an unbeaten record.

China’s coach, Guochen Xie: “My players played with low inspiration.  I don’t understand. why. I hope this problem will be solved in the coming matches. Bahrain is a very good team. We have never played them before. They were strong on blocks which troubled us.”

On the match against Australia: “Australia is a big team. We haven’t had the chance to play them so far and could not easily cope with their tactics. Any teams have their own plans and style and i think both teams are capable of winning.”

China’s captain, Shuai Jiao: “We didn’t know about Bahrain and just took our strategies during the match. They are a good team and we have never played them before. At some points, we didn’t have good performance in front of them in this match. Congratulations to Bahrain for having such a good team.”

Bahrain’s coach, Jorge Elgueta: “First of all, I congratulate China for their good performance against us. Our team is very young and did not have any friendly matches ahead of the tournament. This tournament has been regarded as our preparatory games for future events, especially the Persian Gulf championship. I think we have the toughest draw in this pool. The other pools feature just one powerful team. While in our pool, there are both Japan and China. Anyway, congratulations to China for this victory.”

Bahrain’s captain, Jasim Alnabhan: “It was an easy game. If we did not make errors in crucial moments of the match, we could have won the game easier. I hope that my team can move to the next round but it is all about equations and we have to wait and see. Anyway, we stay hopeful to be in the next round because in my opinion, my team deserve it.”

Oman suffer straight two losses

Tehran, Iran, August 1, 2015 – Oman battled hard in their match against Pakistan, but found the rivals too strong to go down in straight sets 23-25, 21-25, 19-25.

Oman first lost to Thailand 2-3 in the opening match and will next face Korea in Pool C.

The head coach of Pakistan, Hassan Mazhar: “We were not good in the first match but will get better game by game. It was a good match for us. It was our second game and we managed to show a better performance. We haven’t started the tournament so well. We lost three of our experienced players due to injury and we had to bring three young players instead. We try to do our best tomorrow against Korea.”

The captain of the Pakistan, Naseer Ahmed: “Today we played a good game. I don’t know why we lost yesterday but we had a united team. Tomorrow will be our most difficult match against Korea and we want to show our real power  in that match.”

Oman coach, AL Shizawi: “We were not like a team. We played so bad against Pakistan. It was not a good game. I expected more from our team but Pakistan played really well. The other teams are better than us.”

Oman Captain, Al Hamdani did not take part in the press conference after losing to Pakistan.

Statistics :P-2 for match 10_ OMA-PAK

Chinese Taipei beat Kuwait in straight sets

Tehran, Iran, August 1, 2015 – Chinese Taipei beat Kuwait 3-0 (28-26, 25-17, 25-14) and with consecutive two wins and six points, the Taiwanese have been regarded as the most grave rival for Iran in Pool A. Kuwait will next face Kazakhstan.

Chinese Taipei coach, Ke-Chou Chen: Iran is so strong but we have got the chance to win. My players were really great today. They were good at their serves like yesterday match. Kuwait had a good start but my players stopped them. (About team B of Iran) We were expected to be against the experienced players of Iran such as Saeid Marouf. But, we are against a younger ones that is not much of difference for us. Iran is strong at all levels.

Chinese Taipei Captain, Chien-Chen Chen: Today’s match was good. We will get better day by day. We would love to beat Iran to get a new experience.

Kuwait Coach, Radovan Malevic: Three new players are in the arrangement. They are so young and inexperienced. Of course, this is by no means the reason why we lost. This was not our real team. We knew we have nothing to perform better. We lost very easily.

Kuwait Captain, Abdullah Mansour: We made too many mistakes. It was a good match, anyway. We have eight new and young players in our team composition. They all need time to play in harmony. We will try our best to beat Kazakhstan in our next match.

Statistics :P-2 for match 12_ TPE-KUW

China pull off four-set win over in-form Japan

Tehran, Iran, August 1, 2015 – China defeated Japan 3-1 (25-20, 25-17, 23-25, 25-23) to remain at the top in Pool D. China scored six points from straight two wins to overtake Japan, one of the most accomplished teams in Asia with seven gold medals achieved from the Asian meet.

Japan will next  play Sri Lanka on the last match of the preliminary round, while China will go up against Bahrain.

China Coach, Shuai Jiao: “I’m happy with the performance of all my players. I hope to be able to continue this condition in all our games.”

On China’s national team: “my experienced players were injured and we tried to use our young players.

China Captain, Guochen Xie: “Who knows!? We may eliminate Japan from the tournament. We still see some lights of hopes. We made a lot of simple errors and if we improve them, it is possible to get good results against Japan.

Japan coach, Masashi Nambu: “China was very good on the first attack without any faults and vice versa we were full of mistakes.”

On the presence of Ahmad Masajedi in the Japanese team: “He was technically and tactically beneficial for our team and with an Iranian coach in our team, we are gaining some supports from the Iranian fans too. Since Iran had a progressive process in the world, we wanted to strengthen our team making use of an Iranian coach.”

Japan Captain, Kunihiro Shimizu: “Sri Lanka was an easy team and didn’t have enough experience. It was a good match, but we had a lot of mistakes in the games and weren’t able to show our full potential. I hope we will play better in future matches.

Statistics :

Australia regain their pride with win on second day

Tehran, Iran, August 1, 2015 – The first match of the Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship in Day 2 was concluded with the victory of Australia over Turkmenistan in straight sets 25-11, 25-21, 25-22.

Australia along with India, Qatar, and Turkmenistan form the participating teams of pool B. Australia started the opening match with a loss to Qatar.

Australia coach, Roberto Santilli: I wanted to elevate the mentality of my players. Turkmenistan worked well in the third set.

Regarding yesterday’s loss against Qatar: I think, they played more than 100 percent. They deserved victory. Congratulations to the coach as his players were very good at their defence and they came here with the mentality of victory.

Australia captain, Thomas Edgar: we would like to show our real power in the court. Turkmenistan was tough. (About referees) I think, the absence of video-check made it harder for the referees to justify the coach. I have no objection to the referee though.

Statistics :P-2 for match 9_ TKM-AUS

Korea play hard-fought match against Thailand

Tehran, Iran, August 1, 2015 – On the second day of Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship, Korea in a breathtaking match claimed two points against Thailand by 3-2 (26-24, 21-25, 24-26, 25-21, 15-11). Korea captured 16 medals including four gold the Asian Championship to be the team winning the most medals in Asia.

Korea will next face Pakistan, while Thailand will go up against Oman.

Head coach of South Korea, Yonhkwan Moon: “We had a close competition with Thailand but what matters is we managed to win.”

Regarding the match against Iran: “My team reached a good level of preparation but the fact is Iran is a strong team and it is so difficult to win against them.”

Head coach of Thailand, Monchai Supajirakul: “We tried our best for victory against Korea but playing five sets in the previous match against Pakistan had already put us under tension and we couldn’t reach our goal. Anyway, I’m happy we got at least one point from Korea because it can help us move up to the next rounds.”

Captain of South Korea, Youngmin Kwon: “We should win a lot easier and better than this. It was a close match but the important fact is that we won. Although we won our first two matches, we need to be more harmonious with each other and win a lot easier and better. ”

Captain of Thailand, Kittikun Sri-Utthawong: “Korea is a good team. We played one of our best games in front of them and I am happy we got one point out of this match. Plying two long matches in five sets put my team under pressure but we need to get ready for next matches in this condition.”

Statistics :P-2 for match 11_ KOR-THA

Iran beat Kazakhstan to steer Pool A

Tehran, Iran, August 1, 2015 – Indomitable Iran beat Kazakhstan 3-0 (25-23, 25-16, 27-25). Claiming six points from straight two wins, Iran will next set up a clash against China, with Kazakhstan facing Kuwait on the last day of the preliminary round.
The head coach of Kazakhstan: “It was a good game. We didn’t have some of our good players because of the injuries two weeks before this tournament. I think it was not a bad game.”
The head coach of Iran, Peyman Akbari: “The scoreboard showed how close the teams  we played, except in the second set. It was a very critical situation for Kazakhstan because if they lose the game they will also lose the chance of being among the top eight teams. So they tried their best. They had some strong points like direct blocking which we had analyzed before and were good on attacks. Both teams were not so good on serves because we tried risky serves but we were good on receiving. Overall, Kazakhstan played really well today and I congratulate their coach for his team’s nice play. I wish them success in future games.”
The captain of Kazakhstan: “Iran played really well and it was a very good game.”
The captain of Iran, Hamzeh Zarrini: “It was a good match. I think if Kazakhstan were able to play like today in yesterday’s game, they could easily win the match. The problem for us was that we underestimated our rivals and we didn’t start the match so well. We have to play better. It was getting hard. But in this critical moments, we bounced back and finally managed to win. As I said yesterday, our team should get better game by game. It is a little bit difficult but we can do that. I think Kazakhstan played their best match I have seen so far.”
Statistics :

Qatar move up to top Pool B

Tehran, Iran, August 1, 2015 – Qatar overcame India to ride the top of the table in Pool B in the 18th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship. Qatar beat India in straight sets 25-18, 25-19, 25-22. Qatar with six points now surged to the top of pool B ahead of Australia, India, and Turkmenistan.

In the last match of the preliminary round, Qatar will face Turkmenistan while India are to line up against Australia.

Qatar Coach, Juan Cichello: “Our presence in the next round is guaranteed and we have to put our full concentration on the matches in the next round with Japan or China. I was not satisfied with my team at the beginning of the match but gradually we came back and my players showed a good performance. Victory in this match is very important for us because we wanted to guarantee our qualification to the next round from now on. We are going to have an easy match tomorrow and can now think of the matches against Japan and China.”

Qatar Libero, Suliman: “It was a good match and India played well. Our coach is the real winner today and helped us win the game. I hope to play like today in the next matches and reach the final match step by step. Our coach had been in Iran’s volleyball technical team before and is trying to change our mind and thought just like they did with the Iranian team. He helped us gain self-confidence and this is the main reason of our success.”

India coach, Venkatesan: “I’m happy with my players. We came to this tournament with young players. India didn’t play badly, while Qatar played really well. Volleyball is a sport of ups and downs and you can get the desired results sometimes. We brought 10 players from our youth teams. Our chance of going up to the next round is 50-50. We will try our best to get at least one point.”

India Captain, Garan Praba: “Qatar is a strong team. We weren’t able to find a way to score but we won’t give up and will try to get points from Australia.”

Statistics :P-2 for match 14_ IND-QAT

Bahrain claim first three points

Tehran, Iran, August 1, 2015 – Bahrain accumulated the first three points in the 18th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship after thrashing Sri Lanka in straight sets 25-21, 25-22, 25-16.

Bahrain coach, Jorge Elgueta: “Who knows!? We may eliminate Japan from the tournament. We still see some lights of hopes. My players made a lot of simple errors and if we improve them it is possible to get good results against China.”

Bahrain captain, Jasim Alnabhan: “Sri Lanka is not that strong and didn’t have enough experience. It was a good match, but we had a lot of mistakes in the games and weren’t able to show our full potential. I hope to be better in future matches.”

Sri Lanka coach, W.M.S. Wendakoon: “Playing against Japan is a big chance. We wanted to overcome Bahrain but my players were able to win the game. They were more experienced than us. We’re going to have a difficult match against Japan if you want to defeat them. Japan, Iran, Korea and Australia are the best teams in this tournament and we want to use this big opportunity of playing against Japan tomorrow and improve my players.”

Sri Lanka Captain, S.A.J Surath: “Bahrain played really well today and we were less experienced. We don’t have any chance against Japan tomorrow but we try to do our best.”

Statistics :P-2 for match 16_ SRI-BRN

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